Domestic and International shipping

International shipping and customs clearance service

If you are looking for a shipping and customs clearance company for your goods from China to any country in the world, you are in the right place

Shipping services

We have contacts and relationships with many reliable shipping companies and freight forwarders in China that enable us to help you by facilitating and completing any shipping process.
We offer our services to many companies in the Middle East in general and the Arab Gulf region in particular, which enabled us to form a huge database on all products in the regional, international and Arab markets in particular, as well as terms of sale, means of transportation and loading, which facilitates our mission in providing services to our customers anywhere in the world

Customs clearance operations

  1. Preparing shipping documents
  2. Completing the export procedures
  3. Billing
  4. Issuing export licenses

Import and customs

The issue of import and customs is no longer a dilemma for you, dear work. We have a department of logistics facilities for import, and this department is an important pivot in your quest to do business in distant regions of the world, whether it is in Asia, the Middle East or Europe, we can provide customs and shipping facilities With the import services that we provide to you, we also have a wide network of logistic partners all over the world, ensuring that your shipments will reach you safely in the fastest time.

Sea Freight

Sellon Co. has a team specialized in providing sea freight services with high efficiency and providing the best service to the customer as well as to the government sector, companies and institutions to and from China and all over the world.
Services of providing shipping containers with a capacity of 40 and 20 feet and refrigerated containers, in addition to providing special containers with cargo insurance services and securing storage means.
Enjoy the best freight services with speed in performance and arrival of shipments to a safe place. We also provide you with door-to-door transportation of shipments at competitive prices.

Air Freight

Sellon Co. is characterized by a crew of highly qualified and experienced air freight experts
Our extensive dealings and connections with many airlines inside and outside China allow us to provide a high-end service to the customer by receiving his goods for imported or exported goods quickly with the ability to follow up the shipment at any time during dispatch,
Our team remains in constant contact with various airlines and air cargo ports around the world and follows up the shipment, moment by moment, until it reaches its intended destination.

Preparation of customs documents

  1. Submission of tax and customs declarations
  2. Approval of customs declarations
  3. Pay the required fees and taxes
  4. “Immediate liquidation” ending the examination procedures for the release of shipments

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