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During export, the conclusion of a sales contract between the seller and the buyer during international trade is necessary, and both parties must abide by the terms and obligations of the contract without any excuses. Preparing the sale contract plays an important role in resolving disputes that may arise between the two parties and explicitly revealing the rights and obligations applicable to each party. For this reason, the sales contract must be prepared upon export, and the sales contract must be detailed to include all aspects of the business transaction

We provide an official sales contract, which includes all the details that must be included in the contract to ensure the safety and security of the purchase process during import from China.

Yes, you can apply for a sample for a specific order. Please note that the sample value must be paid and the amount will be refunded later when the purchase contract is concluded.

You can contact us through the available means of communication, and we will answer all your inquiries and provide information about your request more accurately.

Yes, we can provide that according to your desire, as it is required to store the goods in a temporary warehouse sometimes until all shipping measures and requirements are completed.

A return policy is available in the event that the materials, products or goods that were exported from China do not conform to the contract concluded between the seller and the importer.

In Sellon, we work carefully to inspect the order before the shipment process to ensure that the quality and details mentioned in the contract are consistent.

Yes, we are a company that provides all import and export services from China on a large scale, and through our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we can provide your request, whatever it is, with high quality standards and reasonable prices.

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